OUR MISSION is to find, breed and grow regionally superior plant varieties for California landscape professionals, and to assist them in choosing the best plant palette for each unique project.


designWise® Horticulture  For years plant breeders have been discouraged from developing the new plants that landscape professionals want.  Success has come from novelties, unusual blooms or foliage. Regional performance has been de-emphasized by the need to market a new plant nationally.  It is better to come up with a plant that has okay performance across all America than a plant that is exceptional in only one or two regions.

California landscape professionals don’t want novelty “new and improved” varieties with mediocre performance that will be replaced by others in a year or two.  They want the absolute best performing cultivars for their region and they want them consistently available.

designWise® Horticulture was founded to bring plant breeders together with regional networks of growers that serve landscape professionals.  Expect more information soon, along with a website.  In the meantime, we may invite you to participate in an event to critique (and take home) potential plant introductions and meet with some of the world’s leading plant breeders. We are proud to introduce the following:

Agapanthus Deja™ ‘Sky Blue’ PP#14989          
The first agapanthus to bloom as long as a daylily.
Syringa ‘Snowy’ Beach Party™                        
A fragrant white lilac that will bloom even in Long Beach.
Rosa Incendio™ (JACferno PPAF)
A glowing, winter blooming, multi-colored ground cover rose with shiny dark green foliage.


WHOLESALE PRICING is available to legitimate nursery and landscape professionals.

WE DELIVER throughout California and beyond. Also available through Bamboo Pipeline, 805-764-2600, www.bamboopipeline.com; Green Thumb Growing Grounds, 818-348-9266; or (Northern California) Pacific Nurseries, 650-755-2330.

ORDERING. For assistance in making your selections, please e-mail john@greenwoodgarden.com. We are happy to send you digital images. You may also contact John by cell: 562-755-1413. To order, please fax 562-494-0486 or e-mail greenwoodgarden@gmail.com. Please include billing information, date needed by, days you will be on the job, along with delivery address and jobsite or cell phone number. We will follow up with an invoice and delivery schedule.

TERMS.  We do not carry monthly accounts, but do accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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