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OUR MISSION is to find, breed and grow regionally superior plant varieties for California landscape professionals, and to assist them in choosing the best plant palette for each unique project.

With a degree in Landscape Architecture and decades of landscape design/build experience, John Schoustra founded Greenwood in order to find and grow the best daylily varieties for California. Over time the mission broadened to include other plants that “performed like daylilies.” First, irises were added, then clivias, pelargoniums and cannas. In each case, hundreds or thousands of varieties were evaluated until the few that best met the needs of California landscape professionals could be selected and propagated.

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1. Durable Performance: The plant must thrive not just in the horticultural havens of San Diego and Santa Barbara, but also in San Fernando, San Bernardino and San Jose.

2. Installation Flexibility: The plant must be able to be shipped and installed any day of the year,  be handled by installers with a broad range of skills, and survive sitting on asphalt for a week waiting to be planted.

3. Low Maintenance: It should thrive not just with care by horticulturists and native plant experts, but by landscape contractor crews and underqualified ‘garden janitors’.
We are proud to introduce the following:

Agapanthus Deja™ ‘Sky Blue’ PP#14989             1g  -  10.00     5g  -  20.00   (Pick up only)
The first agapanthus to bloom as long as a daylily.
Foliage height: 12"-18"; Width: 18"-24"; Bloom height: 22"-28"
Syringa ‘Snowy’ Beach Party™                               15g  -  95.00   (Pick up only)                  
            A fragrant white lilac that will bloom even in Long Beach.
Mature height: 5'-8'; Width: 3'-4'
Rosa Incendio™ (JACferno PPAF)                                    5g  -  20.00   (Pick up only)
A glowing, winter blooming, multi-colored ground cover rose with shiny dark green foliage.
Foliage height: 15"-24"; Width: 28"-40"

PRICING  Unless noted, prices are for bare root plants.

ORDERING. If you do not have an order form, just write down your selections ($25.00 minimum), add $8.00 for shipping (regardless of how many plants are ordered) and add California sales tax if applicable. Checks should be made payable to Greenwood Daylily Gardens. For credit card purchases (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), make sure you sign and provide expiration date. Please include a telephone number along with your name and address. Mail your order to Greenwood Daylily Gardens, 8000 Balcom Canyon Road, Somis, CA 93066, or fax it to (562) 494-0486. Prepaid orders can be picked up at our Somis facility with prior notice.

Landscape and nursery professionals. Please contact us for pricing and availability. We grow many other varieties. Delivery is available.

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