Although lush and tropical looking, clivias are incredibly tough, tolerating deep shade, tree roots and long periods without water. In their native South Africa, they are sometimes called “bush lilies” and are often found growing from cracks in rocks and even in the crotches of tree branches.

Here in California they can be used under oak, schinus or sycamore trees, and combined with camellias, maidenhair ferns, Iris ‘Nada’, Geranium maderense, or Pelargonium tomentosum.

Clivias do not like soggy, poorly drained soil, intense direct sunlight, frequent overhead irrigation or temperatures well below freezing.

Blooming mostly from January through March, clivias provide a burst of cheerful color during the least colorful time of year. Landscape professionals have sometimes avoided clivias due to the inconsistent size/quality of plants and the limited range of bloom colors. Confusion also exists between Belgian and French hybrids. Since European-bred clivias are selected for greenhouse production and interior use, they are not necessarily bred for California landscape performance.

Our breeding program has relied on the genetics developed by a group of California hybridizers, including Jim Comstock, Herb Kelly, Doug McGavin and Joe Solomone. Progress is slow, but exciting. Soon we expect to introduce lines of dwarf, salmon peach and yellow clivias. In the meantime, we offer our “Comstock Lode” mix of shades of orange blooms on uniformly vigorous disease resistant foliage, as well as a narrow leafed and a broad leafed selection of yellow flowering clivias.

Clivias grow slowly, leading some growers to sell small sprigs of foliage in a five-gallon container. Since clivias like having their roots crowded, we sell them by size and age. All plants are container grown and cost the same in containers or bare root. Foliage is not cut back on bare root clivias.


Clivia “Comstock Lode”

1g 1½ -3 yr plants 9”-12” W x 10”-15” H 10.00 (Bare root or 1g)
1g 2 – 4 yr plants 12”-18” W x 15”-18” H 13.00 (Bare root or 1g)
1g 3 – 6 yr plants 18”-24” W x 20”-26” H 16.00 (Bare root or 1g)
5g 4 – 7 yr plants 18”-28” W x 18”-30” H 20.00 (Pick up only)
15g 5 – 10 yr plants 24”-36” W x 28”-36” H 78.00 (Pick up only)


Clivia Narrow leafed yellow

1g 2 – 4 yr plants 12”-14” W x 10”-14” H 20.00 (Bare root or 1g)
1g 3 – 6 yr plants 12”- 18” W x 12”-18” H 25.00 (Bare root or 1g)


Clivia Broad leafed yellow

1g 2 – 4 yr plants 12”-14” W x 10”-14” H 20.00 (Bare root or 1g)
1g 3 – 6 yr plants 14”-20” W x 14”-20” H 25.00 (Bare root or 1g)
5g 4 – 7 yr plants 18”-28” W x 18”-28” H 35.00 (Pick up only)


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